Power logger what senors do I need?

dank GN

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Well if you haven’t seen the video on stock style map sensor u should get a aem3.5bar . And if u don’t have a wide band one of those aswell. A 0-100psi pressure transducer that has a 0-5VDC output can be used to record fuel pressure.
I have mine hooked up with a 3Bar MAP, Wideband O2, Oil pressure, and Fuel pressure. That just leaves one input for the EGT that I'm not using.
I guess I will learn what the Powerlogger Console is before too long.

How is it sharing the signal with the 3 BAR MAP that comes with the ALKY Control system? I'm sure the OP wants to know too...

Actually, where is the best place to read-up and learn about the PL?
The place to start is the instructions that come with the Powerlogger. Until you read those, you're not going to know what questions to ask, and you'll be asking questions that people won't answer because it's in the manual.

It's a simple device and the instructions are well written. You can find them with Teh Googles.

Any sensor sharing is done by splicing the signal wire and running it to the Powerlogger expansion board.