power master assmbly

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Jun 1, 2003
power master assembly

anyone know of a price or a rebuilt power master assembly for sale. I just had an estimate for a new one because mine original is no good. brakes work, but the pedal must be pushed in all the way to the floor board...anyways anyone know of prices or shops and locations???? can one be shipped out to me???

are there any other options i can persue??

any help would be greatly appreciated..

1987 buick G.N
A-1 Cardone makes a complete rebuilt powermaster. Check with your parts store. Pricing is $150- $200 with your exchange. Lifetime warranty.

HTH - Jimmy
Mine was $171 + $50 core.

Advance Auto Parts

A1-Cardone unit w/ lifetime warranty.

Also, appears to have new E-H pump, new accum bowl, and new press switch. Comes 100% complete.
Autozone $143, $61 core charge, is the way to go.

Part number 52-9702.

Get it delivered to your door with a lifetime warranty.
Another option is to contact Red Regal T on this board and buy his complete kit for $125 to convert to vacuum brakes.:)