Power seat swap out


Regal of the Dark Order
Aug 28, 2001
Can a power driver seat be swapped out for a regular manual seat? Is it just a matter of switching the tracks over on the floor and the bottom of the seat? What about the control knobs on the side? Has anyone done this? TIA
Yes its that simple. Just get yourself a set of manual tracks from the correct style of seat and R&R. You can leave the plastic cover and switch on your seat or replace it with one from a manual seat. If you take the cover off you will have a hole in your seat cover where the mount bracket pokes through but it sits low enough that you usually dont see it.
I'm just not that big a fan of it.

And at the moment, one of the brackets or something is broken in the back, and it moves up and down in the corner when I shift in the seat or go around turns.

And its just another thing to stop working in the future. Works great now, other then the broken part. Easier to just reach down and slide the seat forward and back.
9 pounds???? Is that all???? I remember pulling my power seat when installing my rollbar, and dang was it heavy!!!