Power seat track question...


May 25, 2001
Does someone know if a driver's side power seat track can be installed on the passenger's side? Will it simply bolt in? Will all the mounting holes align in the floor and under the seat? I already have the original driver power seat, but I would like to install one on the passenger side...I already have some of the parts needed, and I'm wondering if it's worth looking around to gather the rest of the parts I'm missing to do the installation...

Thanks for your replies...'bye! :)

Yes, it will bolt right in. Just run the switch to the right side and use the plastic trim from a Caddy.:D
Reply to BWEAVY...

Hi Brian!...nice to hear from you....Yes the driver's side is done and working great!! Now, I'm looking for another setup like this one for the passenger's side...Can you help??
I have a power seat track from an '86 GN ...Even though they are interchangeable, I would have liked to have one from an '87, so both of them are the same....Let me know if you have something for me....
Thanks!, 'bye!
Claude :)