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May 25, 2001
my 87 TR has the revised resevoir with the in/out on the front and the reverse thread cap.

when the car is sitting still or moving slow, i get groan when turning the wheel.

I've checked the fluid level in the resevoir and it isn't empty.

I think the pump is original.

any ideas?
It is not if they are both on the front it is if they are side by side =good or about on top of each other= bad.Your pump might just be getting old,i bought a new 1 from jaspers i think for 170
I've got a similar problem.

When the car gets up to operating temperature my power steering pump starts to groan. It seems to do it the most under acceleration. Now I have the original reservoir with the unlet and outlet ports on top of each other. I think I read back that it is a defect and the new reserviors had them side by side. Is this true?

And where should I go to get a new revised one.
So just FYI, I just bought and installed the revised power steering reservoir - with the outlets side by side (and extended). I was suffering a severe moaning/whine combo and had read that the new reservoir is the fix. It is. The whine/moan combo is gone. It also felt like the whining PS pump was causing additional friction...the motor seems to be running a hair smoother/stronger.

Note: You will need to get a longer big hose, as the outlet on the new pump is longer. I bought an elbow at the local auto parts store to connect an extension I made from an extra hose I had.

I have a 86 GN w/ the original pump and res. When I bought the car it sounded like someone was killing cats when the wheel was turned. I removed about 8-12 oz and replaced w/ lucus ps treatment. That was 1 year ago,, it's completely quiet now. It's worth a try.
Is this reservoir thing something GM will repair? Give you a new reservoir? What is the correct one to have!! I need to check.
I should be honest, open and forthright and say that adding new synthetic blend PS fluid may have helped shoosh things up as well. Though the PS fluid that was in there originally was from the low miles motor.

How can I tell if I have the upgraded reservoir? Is this a recall that I can still get corrected? The car is apart so if I can correct this now I might as well. Thanks

PaulRV6 - Easy. The original reservoirs' hose outlets are almost vertically positioned from each other (top outlet @ 11 o'clock position) and stick straight out ~ 1". The updated reservoirs' outlets are horizonitally opposed, about 2" in length and one has a dog leg.

Mine was groaning due to a restriction/kink in the big hose. Take a look before you purchase anything.
Well Terbro, it appears that I have the updated reservoir. Thanks
I wasn't having any problems just wondering what I had. Just looking for new hoses.

Paul -

Actually, I just realized the older version has a dog leg as well...but pointing downward. The key is that the updated reservoir's outlets are horizontally opposed, and the dogleg is a horizontal as well.

I used Valvoline Synpower synthetic blend. And we have a deafening silence at the PS pump.
Foamy fluid will make it groan until it settles down.Usually happens after it gets really low and runs that way for a while then gets filled back up.Takes a couple of weeks sometimes to settle.

cold weather causes foaming PS fluid (as well as shot pumps and kinked hoses), we run dextron in PS systems and I havent heard my pump make noises ever.

Ok, so on my reservoir the small outlet comes straight out at 11:00 (no dogleg) and the large outlet is at 4:00 with a dogleg pointing at the 7:00 position. Which one is it?
I don't have a problem yet but still wondering if I have the new or old reservoir. What is the P/N for the updated reservoir? In case I have to buy.

Paul, you definately have the old reservoir. That's right. A down pointing dog leg is one indicator. I don't know the part number, but I got mine from Postons.

My Ttype had the same ps problem. As somebody said above, it sounded like someone was killing cats under the hood, lol. I just used the rear diff sucker machine at my work and sucked all the old fluid out, and filled it with new. Started up the car, cut the wheel back and forth, and repeated the process 2 more times. I havent had any problems yet. Although, I will say that when its cold out (like today, 3 fricken degrees), the ps does make some noise. HTH

BTW, Im pretty sure I have the original "bad" ps reservior. But its quiet most of the time, so I have not changed it.
Thanks Terry. I take it this was not a replaceable part by GM? Is it even available from GM?

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