power steering


May 25, 2001
Need a feed line its the bigger one. I know they don't make it any more.

What have people done in the past make there own or maybe it's on another make of car.

Its the hose coming from the resorvoir and it just looks like maybe a pressure hose. I have the old design resorvoir never got recalled. I will take it off and see.

What size is that hose?

Thanks Sean
The part no for the redesigned resevoir is 25531140, and I assume that is the same part no as the old design. The part no for the feed hose is 25531141, and I do not know if it is still available.
The return hose is part no. 7828506, and I do not know the validity of that part no. GMPD showed the return hose for $ 21.66, and they showed the GM price as being $ 4.33.
I know that the resevoir is still available as I picked up 1 from my dealer for about $ 34.00, I believe, which was at that time about $ 12.00 above list. I know that the size of the hose that you need is 5/8", and I don't think that standard rubber will work well. Probably should go some of that cloth reinforced rubber hose just for good luck. Probably why GMPD wanted $ 21.66 for it.
Good Luck
All of the above is documented on GM Technical Service Bulletin Nos.
Document ID:
434371, 267583, & 266439.