power steering ??????????


Dec 17, 2006
Anybody using the power steering unit from the ls1's with new fittings to run the GN power steering box? I heard somewhere the LS1 unit makes to much psi for the seals in the GN steering box, anyone hear this or know if its true?

Also whats up with the braking system from the LQ4/ LQ9 motors? are they an upgrade to my upgraded vacuum brakes? If so whats it take to convert to it!
is the GN box same as monte ss box? if so i did a swap where i used the ls1 pump and its lines to work with the monte steering box. I used ATF for fluid and no issues with this setup
I no the Gn is a quick ratio lock to lock (not sure of the ratio) I do believe they are diffirent but the seals would be the same design (I think?) Anyone know for sure.
Hi, I wanted to revive this thread from the dead.

I just got my LQ4 in my GN.

I replaced the rag joint(easy). I adjusted the steering box to eleminate some of the slop. I have tried to adjust this to see the effect on steering and it's minimal.

However, the steering is very sensitive in a strait line, and almost twitchy once you start to turn around a bend or recorrect, even slightly. I believe when the tortion bar is moved there may be too much pressure and assist comes in too strong.

Had anybody experienced this. If so what did you do to correct this.

Can I simply change to a smaller pully or add a restrictor in the line somewhere?



Just in case someone else is looking for this information.

I did a little old fashion research and found that you can buy a shim kit from street and performance that will lower your psi from your powersteering pump.

Best part of all it'll only cost you 1 greenback.