Power Window Motor


Nov 16, 2001
My 84 GN has very slow window motors. What do you guys suggest.
1) Replace the motors with new ones?

2) I see that there is a "faster window wiring kit" available. Did anyone ever try this???:confused:
Where is this wiring kit? I too suffer from the slow windows. I think all GNs have this problem stock.
I too had slow power windows. When the motors died I put remanufactured ones in. They seem quicker now then before. On carparts.com you can get the motors for 50 bucks each. Not a bad deal.
slow power window fix

There is a write up on this very subject on GNTtype.org. It involves using window motors from older Cutlass' and some changes to the wiring in the door. Easy to do, even I did it.

I had the same problem with my windows, I did like 3point said and basicly followed the instructions in gnttype.org. But I found that the rebuilt motors are all the same for like 80-92 GM cars, so I got a new motor from a parts house and got the springs from the salvage yard. Those where even eaiser, any G-body might have them, the manuel windows had the same springs as the electric. I used a spring on each of mine with a new motor and it rolls up just fine, about twice as fast as the old set-up. I never did see an older "larger" motor as was stated in that tech article.