PowerLogger and Windows 8


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As the years have passed, Microsoft has increased the requirements for "signed" files, driver files and other system files.

There have been workarounds for all the Windows versions, and as far as I know everyone's stuff is working fine. (ok, there is one guy still having issues)

Anyway, I have added the ability to work with generic (signed) drivers to the PLC software. The latest version is attached here. It works with the regular PowerLogger drivers as well.

however, in order to use the generic/signed drivers the PowerLogger itself needs to be reconfigured. Its not too tough to do, and I can walk anyone thru it that wants to. Or you can send the unit in and I will reconfigure it for you.

If you are not having driver issues, then there is no real benefit in the change, other than planning for the day you get a new computer (or borrow the wife's)

A side note, the generic/signed drivers are built into Windows update, so the install is "hands off".

Any questions..... post away :)



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Bob, does it work with the NB update that you sent out earlier? Also, I have a couple of computers and some use XP and others Windows 8. Can this new version run on all of them? I'm not having any issues on any of them, but looking at keeping versions straight and up to date.
Hello bob I just got a new pc with windows 8 and im having a problem installing the drivers everytime I select the drivers it says hash mark not present. please help me get this logger back up and running. thanks