Powerlogger mess


Jan 31, 2011
Ok so i have had the plogger installed for a while, haven't been able to figure out how to play back my file? it monitors just fine records just fine then once i hit esc to review or the space bar i can only scroll with the arrows to see what happened. Then i try and save it and it saves it to a little CD type of deal and it'll say for example test.dat i click on it and nothing windows cant open file or w,e the hell.. So i try and rename thefile to .zip still nothing? i can record but cant save it to the right place or playback? i getting tired of it. Also i never installed it with the CD i installed it by using the full throttle link to download it online.. What am i doing wrong??
I'm a bit confused by your description of how you're trying to play back your saved data logs...... If you're trying to open it with windows, don't.
Just go into Powerlogger, F3 page, click the button "L-load" or just hit the L key on your key pad while in the F3 page. then select the file you want to play back.
I can get it to record and save. Now the question is where am i suppose to save it to? Powerlogger then drivers then i get amd64 first option then i click there. I enter for example test 1234, great i have a logged run.. But can i load the same run a few days laters or same day and make it "play" instead of me holding the lower arrows to "scroll thru the run" Also how can i save it to load it on here as an attachment to show you guys my run? I read to rename it as test1234.ZIP with the zip at the end then it wont allow me to see the run anymore?
There is no way to "play" it that I know of. To load it here click on "upload a file" that's next to "post reply" and select the file.
Attached are more detailed instructions but to answer your questions, first the PL log files are saved to where you tell PL to put them. So create a directory called something like PL Log Files. It can be anywhere, in My Documents for example.

The only way to playback a saved log file is to run PL, then load the file into PL. You can not just click on the log file name to display the data because MS Windows does not know that the log file belongs to the PL program.

Post log files by adding them as an attachment to your message. Just click on "Upload a File" button below where you type the message. No need to change the file name in any way.


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Thanks for chiming in Dennis, here are a couple additional tips:

you can start the PLC program, and then drag the logfile onto the program window.

in the graph screen, click in one of the graphs, you can then click+drag in the graph window to move the cursor.

you can set up the "quick save" options with a default filename, then just hitting F5 will save the file with a sequence number attached.

Does this
Looks like your test worked. Good job.

Oh, either you didn't have the gas pedal to the floor or you need to adjust your TPS for WOT (3.77V is 75% throttle).
Looks like your test worked. Good job.

Oh, either you didn't have the gas pedal to the floor or you need to adjust your TPS for WOT (3.77V is 75% throttle).

Thanks, i did notice that my tps voltage was kinda low... i was going to ask about that...
Thanks, i did notice that my tps voltage was kinda low... i was going to ask about that...
If you can get it up to 4.0+ volts you are ok. Even at 3.77 volts it will work just fine. The program goes into power enrichment normally at an LV8 of 160. If you look at your file it goes into P.E. with no problem. I have done some experimenting using different WOT TPS voltages ranging from 3.75 volts to 4.5 volts and it made no difference in my mixture or quarter mile times/speed.
I just installed my PL and used it today for the first time.....I am having a similar issue....

I can monitor and record no problem...my last pull I hit the space bar to record then hit it to stop right after I got a window that popped up ans said "Quick save" with a green dot icon.

I then went to F3 data page and hit the "L" load button it then pulled up the files and the "quick save" icon...I selected it and hit the open button and nothing??????????

I can go to the graph display page and it shows 25 seconds of recording but out of the 4 graphs it gives me "V4" and V5" which I assume are voltage inputs for items I have not yet hooked up. It also gives me IAT which I can drag the cursor over the entire 25 sec

Lastly it gives me AFR which is not hooked up.....so the only thing I can look at and scroll is the IAT......

How can I change out the graphs to look at other items or open the file......I tried doing as described above but I am missing something......
1, after the computer did the 'quick save', the log is still loaded. You do not need to reload it.

2, right click on the graphs to choose a different data item to view. (the F9 - F12 keys will also change the graphs)

never mind guys Im a dumb a$$......I did not realize I was able to scroll through while I was looking at the gauge console.