Powerlogger question

Joseph Cecilio

New Member
Jan 18, 2018
I have the Powerlogger and Scanmaster G in my car and i finally got a laptop to monitor everything. Plugged the USB in followed steps on the turbotweak site for windows 10 and it says that the device is not working properly any ideas of what to do to fix this ??
Did you get the Powerlogger driver installed properly?

You have to boot the PC up with the startup option to allow unsigned drivers before you can install the Powerlogger drivers. Once you do that, you plug the Powerlogger in, key on the car. It'll detect the device. You open Device manager, right click on them, update driver, and point it to the Powerlogger folder. You have to install the driver for the com port and the Powerlogger.

what does it say in device manager, where does it appear, is there an entry in "ports"?