Powerlogger! See the Hype! Download it Free!


Serenity Now
Download the powerlogger and see what it's all about here:

Buick PowerLogger & Scanmaster Support - Full Throttle Speed Tech Support

Of course, you need to buy it to install on your car's computer to use it on yoru car but heres why you should check it out:

1. You can download the saved logs from other people and view their car's diagnostics in real time. Make sure you do that after you download the program.

2. You can play with it an see how easy it really is to use. You may want to buy it. Then, if you have problems you can post up a log from your car or just share an awesome pass.

I of course really enjoy this program and find it invaluable. I didn't think people knew you could download the software for free though and try it out..