Powerlogger VS DirectScan


Just Another BLACK Car
Jul 29, 2001
Who has used both??

I have used Turbolink and now the last couple of years Directscan. Is powerlogger worth the upgrade??
I've used both and the PL is definitely worth the upgrade..Simply having the ability to log all the additional stuff alone is worth it...
+1 the powerlogger is by far the best tuning tool i have purchased.
after running the powerlogger i dont even know how i ran the tlink. When i ran the T-link i was able to get about 3 frames per 1/4 mile run now with the PL i can see the whole pass. talk about a big difference right there. also driving down the road its real time data blip the throttle and you will see a blip on the p/l screen
cant beat it. directscan was good for its day but the p/l is by far the best thing money can buy. next setup up would be a xfi,big stuff etc.