Powerlogger wont connect


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Jul 20, 2009
Finally getting back to work on my GN and I can't get my laptop to connect. The Scanmaster works as its supposed to and the Powerlogger program opens as its supposed to, but my laptop wont even recognize that I've plugged anything into it. The last time I tried to connect, I believe the laptop would recognize I connected to the car, but it wouldn't monitor anything, now it won't even do that. I have a Scanmaster 2.2, Powerlogger 3.0, and a Windows 10 laptop. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.
How old is your Powerlogger? Windows 10 has a hard time with the older Powerlogger, but it can be updated to make it more friendly.

Also, with the key on, and your laptop on, open the device managet in windows, then plug in the USB cable. See if anything appears in the ports.
I believe I purchased it around 2010, so I’m guessing that is considered an old version.

It does appear the laptop recognizes something is plugged in, it just isn’t making a chime sound like I’m used to. Does the update fix the driver issue? I’m pretty sure I had trouble installing the drivers before.


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I know this is an old thread but I replaced a computer with windows 10 and it worked fine on a old powerlogger
Thank you Eric!!