The Cleaner
Apr 8, 2002
well think my powermaster has finally kicked the bucket today

I was pulling out of the garage and the car wasnt stopping as it should, I push the pedal harder and slowly start slowing down
I also noticed my brake light is on constantly now, regardless if the emergency brake is on or off

so what are my options here and is this the powermaster or could I actually be lucky this time and its something else?


Local auto parts house. I paid $199 @ Advance Auto Parts & they now are $149 - lifetime warranty (complete from the brake lines to the firewall bracket).

thank you for your quick response

but what is this for, is this a vacuum brake setup or another powermaster or what?

what is the $149 buying me


$149 buys a COMPLETE lifetime warranty pm. Includes the pressure ball, the switch, the master cylinder, the pump & electric motor. In other words you disconnect the 2 electric plugs from the pm (1 to the switch on top & the other from the front of the pump motor), remove the 2 brake lines from the drivers side of the master cylinder, remove the clip holding the rod on the brake pedal, remove the 2 nuts holding the pm to the firewall, & remove the whole pm assembly from the TR. Next remove the little pm to firewall adapter from the pm (the adapter is approximately 1" long & about 3" in diameter.

Reverse proceedure to reinstall new (rebuilt) pm & I bleed the new (rebuilt) master & hook up the 2 brake lines last. In other words with key off, I bench bleed the master cylinder in the TR.


thank you very much for all your help

one more quick question for you

about how long did this take you?

what year model is this for. And what models will this part number work on. I am in the same fix.