All Throttle... No Bottle
Jul 9, 2001
The pedal almost goes to the floor before I get any braking action. If I put the pedal to the floor the brake light comes on. I did the test with the ignition on. The brake light dosent turn off, but the motor does cycle and turn off. Any assumptions???
Check to see if the wheel cylinders are leaking, or a ruptured diaphram on your disc brake caliper. Is the fluid excessively low on one of the reservoirs? If all is well, I would replace the accumulator first, then the pressure switch. Just my 0.02. I don't know much about powermaster diagnosis, but this happened to me and that is what I did and the have not had problems since. I sure there is a diagnostic trouble tree to follow in a manual.
i just had a similar problem try the switch/sensor behind the brake fluid resevoir it may me leaking see if it is wet inside they are 225 from the dealer