Powerstroke Turbo

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Nov 25, 2002
just wondering what size this turbo was... i was hanging out at a friends house and for some reason he had another friends ford powerstroke Diesle there, and he showed me the turbo on that think, that thing is friggen huge!!! it looked like a 4 bolt turbo, not sure though, couldnt see exactly. but i was wondernig, there is a bone yard near me, and they want 40 bucks for a turbo...

so, what i was wondering, could i put this turbo on a 350? lets say i ran something like 8 to 8.5 compression what kind of boost could i run? what kind of cam? (as in, what size lift, and what duration)

for a fuel system i think i would get that pretty new holley fuel injection kit that there is out there:


what about an intercooler? could i just use the powerstroke intercooler? how about wastegate? could i run something like Sinful6 sells and have a wastegate actuator with a line to the compresser housing?

what kind of car would i put this in? i dont know yet, i will worry about that later, i just want to know if this can be done.

i dont think if i have anymore questions right now, but if i think of any, i will be sure to let you know.

thanks for the help
Yes they are huge, and probably not very practical for an engine that would see any street duty.

For all intents and purposed they are basically the equivalant of a PT88-90 turbo, and the turbine housing is has an A/R of just a pinch over 1.00