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I just read this great article about using a CO2 bottle and a nitrous solenoid and injector for instant (1 sec.)turbo spool up.Anybody got any feedback on this? Is it dangerous? Should be no different than a nitrous setup,right?
On the compressor or turbine side?

Since it's inert, I'm guessing the turbine side. Compressed air would do the same I'd think.

Yeah,it was on the turbine side.Can you get 800psi. of compressed air into a 10lb. bottle? I think thats why he chose the gas.Anyway,he activated it with a button on the shifter.Said it only took a second to get it up to speed.Only having to use short bursts lets the bottle last a while.The only thing left to find out was where EXACTLY to put the nozzle.This sounds like a good way to get my .82 turbine on the pipe a little quicker.
I too have read about C02 injection to spool up lazy turbines.
It was used on a TT300Z & a Dodge Colt I believe. They claimed it put out 2,000 psi from a full bottle & also had a "intercooling" effect. Supposedly it worked great but there was some arguement over shooting a gas that cold (WELL below freezing)
into a glowing hot turbo.
That surely would be very hard on parts I would think.
Maybe it could be introduced sooner in the system, like in the up pipe to warm the charge up a little:confused:
I've also read about using large smog pumps to spool the turbo up sooner. One particular vehicle was a 400 sbc that the owner said would not spool at all until 4,000rpm. After introducing a line from the pump to drivers side crossover (opposite turbo) & experamenting with diff. size pulleys. He claimes the turbo would spool well below 2,000 rpm. Quite impressive for such small efforts!
You can also buy an Air Amplifier ($100-150) to go before the carb. to help spool up. It looks like a fresh air duct with a K&N style filter at the end & uses compressed air to momentarilly create boost & "blow-thru" the carb. when you step on the gas.
This idea has loads of potential I believe. Not only would you be pushing compressed air thru the turbo, you could be pushing
COLD air thru the turbo. But you would need a source of compressed air.
There are a few other idea's kicked around out there too.
Like sequintial turbocharging:eek: , vortec tubes, belt/air driven turbo's & (yikes) even nitrious.
Where did you guys read the C02 artile anyway?