precision 95 lb low impedance injectors


Classic fast, XFI, SPortsman & MS3 programming
May 25, 2001
Low miles, only used for dyno testing and about 800 street miles. I've upgraded the combo so I need more inj. Can do $300 shipped.
Here's a pic of them for inquiring minds..........

95 lb copy.JPG
price drop $275 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not to get off track but what kind of upper plenum is that? It looks like it fits a 70 mm Accufab type throttlebody correct? BTW, is your price US or Canadian dollars? :D

Its just a stage II intake with precision upper elbow, nothing fancy, it fits a 90mm min. US=CDN now so it don;t matter, I prefer a US cheque if your in the buying mood, injectors are like new.
With the original picture above I thought it would accept a 70mm throttlebody. I don't believe anyone makes one that will go from a 4bbl flange to a 70 mm T/B. I'm interested in the injectors. I'll shoot you a PM.



I think I'm going to need something a bit bigger. Please let Coach have 1st dibs on these.


Tying to ship these out but no address................:(