precision PT64E $350


93 firebird/GN hybrid
Apr 18, 2004
Posting this for a friend, turbo came off a 94 Ford Lightning that put down 570hp and 700tq to the rear wheels on 17psi

PT64E (precision) has 2 exhaust housing with it, one is a buick 3 bolt with a .68 ar and the other is a P-trim .96 housing (3" vband discharge, t4 flange) that is ceramic coated. This turbo does have some shaft play, but the wheels have not hit the housings - it probably needs rebuilt. It worked great on my truck the way it is now, it still made 17psi without a problem. Its rated to 700hp, I made 570/700 to the tire @ 17psi.

I'll take $350 for the PT64E with both exhaust housings...

740-971-4901 call with any questions
$300 you pay shipping, and he said he will have pics available tomorrow sometime.