Precision T63E


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Apr 19, 2003
Hello im going to be doing some mods in the coming months and I was wondering what the difference between the Precision T63EBuick Performance 3-Bolt and the Precision TA63 Big Shaft and could i run Siemens 55lb Injectors?I wan too do the thdp w/ hks adjustable wastegate also what street chip running 93octane would u suggest for too run? any other mods u suggest be4 doing what i have said above?any help or info would be very much appreciated ty for your time.
have nothing against Precision, but I would look into a TE-45A from John Craig also

with that large a turbo, you are not gonna enjoy it at lower boost levels required by pump gas

a "street" car would do much better with a '49 or '44
Well if i ran a 44 or 49 how much hp/ftlbs could i run and also how much boost could i run? could u make a mid 10 sec car w/ a 44 or 49?ty for your there a website for john craig ?
Originally posted by badass87gn
Well if i ran a 44 or 49 how much hp/ftlbs could i run and also how much boost could i run? could u make a mid 10 sec car w/ a 44 or 49?ty for your there a website for john craig ?

Mid 10's, no.

I can't think of anyone on here running in the 10's at all with a 44/49 turbo.
you won't get a 10 sec ride with a 44/49....but if you run a big shaft 66mm turbo on the street without good fuel or alky, you will be very restricted as to the boost level you can run and be way outside the efficient range of those turbos

call John Craig or Jack Cotton and discuss your combo and goals with them for a turbo recommendation....their numbers can be found on the vendor area at
I went 119 mph at seventeen lbs. of boost in street trim with a t63e, then drove 100 miles home. I enjoyed that turbo and think it is a killer street turbo with a 3200 stall and 55 lb. injectors.
119 at 17 lbs in a full weight car? that is moving....should run 130 plus with race set up?
ty guys i was looking on and im probally going to go w/ the STAGE 2 PACKAGE
Limit Engineering TE-45a w/actuator, 55lb injectors, Red's chip sounds like a good deal ty for your imput again.
if you get Red's chip, you may not be happy with the spool.....out of the box, they are very rich at spool up and this just kills a 45A....this isn't to say his chips can't be made to work, but be sure you tell him what turbo you are using and you want a lean spoolup curve

an easier way is to get a MaxEffort chip:)
what about the thrasher chip or the atr chip?what chip do you recommend me getting or should i have a custom chip tailored too my mods?TIA
like I said...MaxEffort

there are no Thrashers that support 55's

it seems you are a bit of a novice in this area (not a bad thing)
but you are stepping up to some parts that require a bit of knowledge

do some research.....or better, take what you have to as fast as it will go before you buy another part

that is the only way to learn
I also went 119 at 21# boost with a t63e and iron ported heads. I was running pump gas mix and zylene and 20 degrees of timing on a max effort chip. This was also done lifting off of the accelerator to get the car to shift at the top of first due to a trans issue :eek:
I went 120mph with 18 psi of boost with a TE45a on pump gas with NO alky and NO mix. That was on drag radials with a 2.2 60ft times which is bad. Thats with Red Armstrongs chip. Gotta love the TE45a.
That was also with a modded ecm and a pte chip, and irons that I ported. going through Eastern fmic and a horribly slipping trans.

119mph at 17lbs.