Pressure Test tools


May 24, 2001
I recently ran into a problem with head gasket sealing on a stock engine build.

I made this set of tools to find the problem.

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With this kit, I can pressurize one side of the block and one head at a time. If there is a problem, I will now find it and correct it before moving on the the intake manifold. It kinda sucks, because I was ready to fire this engine. I found the problem while pulling vacuum on the cooling system to vacuum fill. The system would not hold vacuum (or pressure)

The problem turned out to be the stinkin Felpro head bolts. The pre-applied sealer was old and prevented me from getting full clamp on the heads. I reached the right torque but it was all used up overcoming the friction caused by the crappy sealer. Cleaned the sealer off the bolts, applied Permatex thread sealer, re-tapped the bolt holes and the problem was solved.
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To pressurize the entire block and both heads, I would need another pair of block off plates for the heads. No real need to do both at one time.

I was thinking about a plug that would install in place of the thermostat nipple. That way I can check for intake water leaks.......

I know a professional engine builder who pressure tests every engine before it leaves the "Assembly Room". That is where I got the idea
Great idea, more forward thinking in the community! Thanks for sharing
Dave, I like this idea of testing prior to installing into car... what range of pressure do you recommend? 10 to 20 PSI ?
The cooling system normally runs up to 15 psi (limited by the radiator cap), So I ran the pressure up to 30 to be sure everything is sealed.

It worked great.