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May 27, 2001
OK, I am going to reduce the price on this because my new AR-10 just came in and I need to sell this.

(Just for giggles, I will trade this for a NEW 6262 Prec turbo dbb w/ported shroud or NEW 6262 journal with ported shroud and $500 cash - also interested in 60 or bigger injectors for modded ECM)

$1500 with the 2 extra Magpul 30 rnd P-mags still included or 1450 without them.

Same terms - face to face in S FL to 18+ resident w/drivers license or transferred to your FFL and you pay shipping and transfer costs.

Thought I'd offer this on here to fellow TB owners before Gunbroker.

This rifle is brand new in the original box and has never been shot unless Colt tested fired it.
Box label says Colt Match Target HBAR Model MT6601 .223.

This is the H-BAR target match with heavy barrel.

I used to shoot the NRA DCM High Power matches (100,200,300,600 yds) IRON SIGHTS no scope and was on the FL Highpower Team in the mid 90's and shot in the Nationals at Camp Perry.
My match gun was identical except for a Frank White trigger and lead in the buttstock and free floated lead lined handguard.
I bought this gun just before Christmas so it is current production. I planned on making this into a duplicate match gun but my eyes aren't up to iron sights anymore and I have decided to sell this for a flat top which I can put a scope on.

This is a full length rifle, not mid or carbine length and has the fixed A2 style carry handle (not removeable) with iron sights and regular full length buttstock. Has forward assist and dust cover. Has the heavy Colt match bull barrel with 1 in 7 twist so you can shoot the heavy long range bullets. In most cases these Colt barrels are as good as any aftermarket match barrel.

If you want an extremely accurate AR, this is the gun and it's a COLT.

If out of state, it must go FFL to FFL. In Florida, (near West Palm Beach) face to face to FL resident with FL Drivers license.

OH Yeah, I have extra black with dust cover but non-window 30 rnd Magpul Pmags new in the pouch for $35 and free shipping on 3 or more. (NOT to illegal states though)
Thanks for reading.


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