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May 27, 2001
This is probably the most accurate AR that Colt has made. Standard A2 rifle (NOT carbine length) configuration with fixed carry handle and match iron sights. If you want to compete in the NRA DCM Service Rifle matches, this is your gun. Barrel is 20 inch heavy match with 1-7 twist so you can shoot any bullet including the 70-80 grainers for 600 yd work. They won't stabilize with the slower 1-9 twist barrels.

Scope can be mounted on top of handle if so desired. That is how I check accuracy on my reloads.
I competed with this same model Colt and made the FL State Team and shot in the Nationals at Camp Perry.

Colt Model number is MT6601

This gun is brand new in the box, never fired. I will even include an extra Magpul magazine.

Best offer over $1000.
Florida face to face preferred OR you have to pay transfer fees from my dealer to your dealer.
If out of state, make sure it is legal to own in your location. I am NOT responsible for this.
If seriously interested, PM me for more info or pics.

I will also trade this for a Precision 6262 journal bearing turbo with ported housing.

were in fla. I,am in fort Lauderdale w/ a billet 6262 w ported 4" inlet. any pics of colt ar.turbo on car can check out and drive feel the power.
I'm in Lake Worth just N of you.
Is 4 in inlet standard on that turbo or bigger? Is that what they call the S cover with all the holes in it?

e-mail me at and I'll return you some pics.
Thanks - Terry

OK, just looked at specs and it appears the ported S housing is 4 in instead of the 3 1/2 in non-ported. Journal bearing, right? sounds like just what I am looking for. How old or how many miles?? Get back to me.
Thanks again.
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yes it is ported with back pressure vents anb is jb billet wheel its fairly new about several hundred mile on her about 9 months car sits a lot have a truck as daily driver. the exhaust side has not been open on the wastegate puck opening yet.had a te 44 before going to the 6262s billit wheel holy mother of blessed acceleration. my car ran really good with the te44 but nothing like this. and I have stock ported heads w a 208/208 cam, 60lbers inj,a 9" 3200 stall pro torque convertor have a buddy of mine doing heads for me.with good champion heads with this turbo combo have gone low tens. cell# 954 275 6563 Frank p.s. also have the 6262e 3"inlet non ported cover if it makes the install easy for you. if youre running 3"stuff already then you can up grade to 4" inlet later.will be free Saturday mourningyou can come by check her out.
If the deal doesn't go thru with the turbo put me 2nd inline i have cash, and im in Miami.

Whoever gets it make sure to look at their drivers license so you don't get accused of selling to a "cartel".:ROFLMAO: If billiry can do it so can you.:D
Humble, sounds like a good deal but have to run it by Dave (my local GN mechanic) but I'm sure he will agree as he has put several on.
I know what you mean about the increase in power. Read my sig, this car on the street is just plain scary although the 292 55 M'T's helped a lot. Kinda hard to win a race going sideways (the Nittos). I picked up a set of 83's to upgrade from 55's (waiting on new chip from TT) but this TA53 just hauls ass and I've never pushed it past 21 lbs. Not sure why this combo runs so damn good. Dave is helping a guy with his car and it's going 11 flat at the track at 26+ lbs and he said at 21 lbs on the street my car pulls way harder. Almost afraid of messing with it HA HA

Would love to check it out but I have to work Saturday (sell guns at Gander Mountain in West Palm.). I'll talk with Dave this AM and drop you a note. Sure we can arrange something.
I assume this is a 3 bolt exhaust flange? Did you have to mod the IAC to get the 4 inch inlet to fit? Just curious but why are you selling it if it runs so great?
87Chriss - got ya in line.
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I know dave & shev. sold one of daves buddys a 6776 & 4" inlet pipe.turbo wasn't for sale. seen youre post for the colt and offered it to ya in trade..Iam buddy Jeff Roddick(trackside performance tsm 9 sec street car).
Jeff rebuilt my engine quite a few years back after Cal Hartline really screwed it up. Tell him I said HI.

I talked to Dave today and he said it would be good on my car but he can get me a brand new one for just a bit over $1000 and the other guy on here offered me $1000 cash. Also seems like I have a bunch of expenses on top of the turbo to come up with. Angle IAC fitting, 4 inch pipe, etc. Don't suppose you have any spares of those to sweeten the trade since I'm almost paying you retail for a used (I know, just barely) turbo.

sign up and sell on there. i had to sell a couple things on there recently

Back to top. Make me an offer. This gun is Blue Book listed at about $1600. Brand new in the box. Pouch with sling, brushes, etc never been opened. Will throw in a new Magpup magazine.