Probes and Cobras don't mix ;)


- driving everywhere -
So, I'm hanging out with Morgan and his girl Krysy who has a nice Probe GT, and two other Probe owners from NEPO out here in Manahawkin...

We're driving back to Morgan's place on the island, and I'm behind all the Probes...

I've driving along, about to go over the bridge to the island and my cell phone rings...

I pick up, and its Morgan... he's up ahead, first in line with his girl driving her Probe..

He tells me, "Yo Dan, we got a Cobra up here that wants to play..."

I tell him, "i'll be up there in a few seconds.."

Apparently this older guy in his nice clean gun metal gray late model Cobra was trying to play with the paulsy-in-comparison Probes...Morgan figured he'd call me up from the rear of the pack to give this guy a more formidable challenge ;)

So I'm rolling at about 50mph behind the last Probe, nail it and pull around into the left lane, do a blue-streak fly-by past all the Probes and get right up alongside the tantalizing Cobra...

The guy in the Cobra nails it the same time I do, despite there being to Stupid Useless Vehicles ahead, I pull ahead of him, only to brake and slow down... then we go at it again and I still over-take the snake lol

We get onto the island and I let him get in front of me, "looser courtesy" I call it ;) , and he pulls off into the bar/hotel Quarterdeck....

So I evened the score with the Cobra for picking on the Probes I was protecting ;)

At the next light, Krysy lines up with me..a good attempt but I had to feather it across the intersection lol ... sometimes the underpowered needs to be put in line ;) or behind for that matter lol

After we got back to Morgan's we headed out to the Barnegat Light Firehouse, and Morgan took the other two Probe owners out for a joy ride in his '93 Typhoon ... course after that, we were talking about putting Taurus SHO motors in Probes and other strange combinations lol

All in all, a fun time with some Probe owners . . .

Lets apropriate dramatic monologue...

ya, i'll second that, there is osmeone who's signature says they have the longest, i forgt who that is, but they now hve the 2nd longest sig.!