Problematic vehicles!!!!!!


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Apr 30, 2005
Have you ever truly had one of those vehicles that just pissed you off every time you look at. I have ( better yet, my wife has.) She owns a pet sitting business and we have 10 Jeep Liberty’s. 9 of them are great absolutely no problems but there is one bad sheep that I hate with a passion. Please bear with me while I go on this rant some of it has a little humor to it. Every one of them are black and look identical. They all go to the same dealership for service. Here is where it gets funny. One Jeep had 1086 miles on it and the intake cracked causing some check engine lights to pop on. The dealership asked us to bring 2 additional jeeps back to check those out as well. They told me that they wanted to put a brand new engine in the one that had the cracked intake. They replaced the engine in the wrong Jeep. The tech told me it was kind of odd when he cranked it up and had no check engine lights. A tech looked at the wrong work order and replaced the A/C compressor. They tried to charge me $804 for the total job. Long story short I had to file a complaint to the transportation board . The ball joint separated from the passenger side steering knuckle and gouged into the rim. It literally popped out of the socket. I was looking at the design of this thing , wondering what kinds of forces could make something like this happen. They had a recall on these things from 2003 to 2006 but not 2007 and the recall picked up on a few late 08-09’s. I sprayed it down to get everything loose to separate. Now I’m off to get a ball joint, the separator, the big socket for the CV axle and some other small things. I hate this truck!!! 4DF41E7F-0CD6-4DB8-AF17-B9EDCF7E9C5B.jpegE05CA192-8A04-443E-9102-EA36363A27B9.jpeg93ACF844-356B-4A7C-9243-8A033482B9D4.jpeg
I out of only 10 aint too bad LOL
you must have a huge family or just like keeping the miles down , its like when doctors operate on the wrong leg :LOL:
1972 Vega GT. MotorTrend car of the year. 1985 Dodge Ramcharger, must have been built on a Friday afternoon just before the strike started.
A close second was a 1999 VW Passat. The drain holes in the engine compartment were clogged and it allowed water to come into the car thru the firewall. First the windows quit going up and down, the key fob quit operating the door locks and then the trunk wouldn’t lock anymore. Googled it and it said the convenience module had gone bad. It is located under the passenger floor board, like under the carpet. I located it and to my surprise it was under 2+ inches of water. The main wiring harness runs along the drivers sill plate and it was probably about 50 wires with tons of corrosion and no heatshrink on the connections. Some of the wires were no longer touching . VW’s are serial # specific on interchangeable parts so it took a while to find the right part and splice all of those freaking wires back together. I traded that car about a week after that episode.
I forgot to add. The car was a 5 speed automatic and the car wouldn’t go into 5th gear. They told me that it needed a range selector switch, $510 for the switch not including install. I said not at the moment, it was my parts beater car. They then told me that they had tried to reset the switch or clear codes for it and that I had lost reverse gear but I had gained 5th gear. I looked at the tech rep and asked him which was worst not 5th gear or reverse. Got the part for 1/2 price and no install charge. I was so glad to see that heap leave too. The diesel version we had was perfect with no major issues at all.
Reading the title i thought we were gonna discuss the cursed turbo buicks LOL

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