Problems with my SMC kit


formerly TTA 1387
May 26, 2001
After finally dialing it in about 4 weeks ago at the track, it stopped working for some reason. The car was brought home and parked. I took it out over the weekend and it felt flat, like it wasn't getting it anymore. Heard it ping and new something wasn't right. Hooked up DS and confirmed it, knock central. I put my Thrasher 92 chip in and backed down the boost 7psi. I'm back to about 15-16psi and no knock.

Now if I'm in the car and hit the test button, the idle stumbles like it always did. If I have my wife hit the button with my hear over the tank, I can hear the pump run. When I take it out for a drive, the controller says its spraying but I get nothing.

What do you guys think? I'm at a loss.
I had the exact same problem. Turned out to be a split hose inside the tank. Steve now uses all metal and that problem is non-existent. If yours has a metal tube going from the pump then you'll have to look for something else.

Same here. The plastic tube that went from the pump to the braided line fell off. Don't ask me how, because between the length of the pump and the tube was longer than the distance from the bottom of the tank to the bottom of the brass fitting. I found this after the car was stolen. Its as though someone tried to pull the pump off the fitting.
Thanks for the suggestings but I have the metal lines.

More info:
I took the tank out of the car. I hit the test button and nothing comes out. What I thought was the alky stumble was the load of testing the pump. Didn't think it would be that high?

Anyway, I can hear the pump running. Maybe something is clogging the pump? Don't know what it could be as everything is clean in there.

Now to figure out how to get the fittings off so I can look at the pump.
At this point I would box up the bottle and send it back to Steve. He stands behind his products and is probably as interested in determining the problem as you are.

Good luck,

I agree with Hank. If it is that new of a system I would send it back to Steve for evaluation and repair. He'll make it work... :)
Its already boxed up and ready to be sent back.

Steve actually called me Saturday to see if we could fix it over the phone. I, and he, was hoping that I could make the dyno today with the alky working. But I couldn't get it to work.

I think that's great customer service to actually call me just from an email I sent. I wish other's were that way.

So I should be back in business for next month's dyno :)

I'll let everyone know what caused the problem. Hopefully just a freak thing.
I got my pump back today. Steve took it back and fixed it. I should be back in business as soon as this snow melts.

Going to dyno again next month. Should be a little better than 2 weeks ago. 318rwhp and 455rwtq.

Hopefully over 500rwtq :)
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What wound up being the problem?

Steve said he just spun the pump backwards and that freed it up. I put it back in the car and its ready for soon as the snow and salt are off the roads :)
Originally posted by TTA 1387
Steve said he just spun the pump backwards and that freed it up. I put it back in the car and its ready for soon as the snow and salt are off the roads :)

Glad to hear that it wasn't anything major. Keep us up updated on the next dyno run.