Prof. repaired/welded drivers side Header


Feb 13, 2004
For Sale: 1 repaired/welded driver's side header. The header was sent out to be done and was returned fully welded (crack between 3 and 5) It was then painted a grey color (hi-temp paint). I have hung on to it for years , but have since located an unused ATR replacement header. The flange appears to be flat. will take $80 (plus shipping)

Also: 1 unrepaired driver's side header, Again cracked between 3 and 5. other-wise in great shape.
Will take $30 (plus shipping).
Since no one is biting, I will now take $75 for the repaired header (price includes shipping), will post picture. ALSO: I will now take $20 (plus Shipping) for the unrepaired header. :) Must clean up garage!
I don't have pp but if u could pay via
money order and provide a shipping address, I will get it out to you. I will pm you with my address. Thanks