Propane Injection


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Mar 25, 2002
Are any of you turbo buick guys running a propane injection system? You were the first to run a water / alki set up, what about propane?
some of the imports are running this now, just wanted to get some more info on it
we talked about it a couple of years ago,i don't think anyone actually ended up doing it though.

got any links to the import guys doing it?how's it working out for them?


Here is the link to the thread. The results look promising. No pump to fail, propane is 110 octane, always a cool freezing injection.
I am supprized no one here has tried it.
Im thinking of getting the power shoots 2000 and installing that. (yea, thats the one you put on desiel trucks).
i think it will work.
maybe getting a holley intake so i have direct port propane injection. HEHE
I've heard of ricers doing it, but have actually seen one car set up like that. It's still pretty Greek to me...and I'm Greek. When I looked his car over, it was interesting to say the least. His propane was in an actual dive tank. I'm a I could understand why he would keep it in a steel cylinder.

It was bolted down in the trunk. Keep in mind that dive tanks like his (OMS steel tank) have a burst disk, so if the pressure went over board, he wouldn't become an organ donor. The burst disk would rupture, and he could hit the trunk release lever and air that puppy problem. He also told me that during the summer, he had an ice chest that the cylinder would remain in. He said he noticed no true gains by keeping iced was just a safety precaution since this was his daily driver. And in Houston on a mid August day, it gets HOT, so I could feel his concern.

His little Honda was fuel injected, so he used a modified NOS setup, complete with fogger nozzles and a computerized fuel monitoring system (have no idea what the brand name was).
But he told me that the biggest difference in being able to run it in his car was the 12:1 ratio he was running. Seemed like a suicide mission on wheels, but it worked!!! This guy had some pretty impressive timeslips and video footage too. One time slip had an E.T. of 10.91 and another was 11.03. Not bad considering that he had only been dialing this setup for just six months. And one other's turbo charged!!!

Sneaky little ba$tard. His IC was a front mount painted black and had a black screen to hide it. The turbo was located at the bottom of the engine on the passenger side. At a quick glance when the hood went up you noticed NOTHING, but the VTEC logo on the engine which he told me had been set to turn on at 4000 RPM. A true had no decals, no rice lights. It had been lowered, and had light weight racing rims, and of course, the ever so popular fart can.

But it does make you wonder.

it seems like not to many people have heard about it< i bet in about a year or 2 it will be all over
dynamic racing released there kit today for $525 great deal!
Originally posted by smokinHawk
Are any of you turbo buick guys running a propane injection system? You were the first to run a water / alki set up, what about propane?
some of the imports are running this now, just wanted to get some more info on it

Propane injection, has been used by diesel truckers for years.
It's just another way of adding fuel. There's no real miracle about it. It does distribute well being a gas.

If you used ALOT of it there might be some chilling effect to it, but with the weight of a proper regulator, and extra bits, seems like just running the correct sized injectors are alot easier, and you don't have to worry about another tank to fit.

BTW, Propane is the NOS of the diesel world....
ya its been out a while in desiel trucks, works well, but for gas powered vehicles it does act a little different.
this is a direct replacement for water/alki kit. as propane turns into a gasous state it is released at -60 degrees! some cooling effect.

Do you have alky/water already?

If so and you do go for the propane, keep us updated on your results/differences?
Remember that propane is a gaseous fuel. That means every cubic inch of propane injected into the intake will displace a cubic inch of air. So while you are receiving gains in heat and knock resistance, you are simultaneously downsizing your engine. Which effect dominates is a function of your specific combination, but in my experience, IC engines powered by propane or natural gas (with all other things staying the same) were less powerful than their gasoline fueled counterparts. Now, due to the high fuel octane rating, propane/ngvs could run higher timing, higher compression to try to make up for that lost power due to air displacement.
ummmm who says no-one here hasnt tried the propane injection on their cars???
i did it 3 years ago and had good results- lot of people told me not to do it, and so i tried it,... i couldnt get the car to lean out on the top end-
it would start out at 800 millivolts, and work its way up to 840 around 110 mph-- no knock-- but then again, if i had wrecked, or gotten in a car wreck, i would have been dead for sure-

i used a forklift propane bottle setup for liquid propane, and a nos kit, spraying thru the nos jet into the up pipe,..
it worked great, but i never got around to doing it again-
now i only run the smc alky kit, and seems to have just as good performance, and its not going to explode like the propane setup would have if involved in a car crash-

oh- and C5 propane has 117 octane rating-