Propane nozzle can I use nitrous nozzles?


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Was wondering if any one has used the blue nitrous nozzles for propane injection? In fact has any one used two of them for dual injection? If so what size of jets would you recommend? I am just worried about the flow limitation compared to what comes with the kit. One is like a hose and the other is like a straw. The biggest jet I have flows more than the nitrous nozzle itself. I can tell this simply by blowing through them.
OK here is another idea. What if I just ran two nitrous nozzles with no jets intalled? Then go down from there. Does any one know what the flow is on them without the jets?
I dont have an answer, but will say its always better to start with less holes drilled. Try on nozzle and give it a whirl? if its not enough..add a second.

If you put three nozzles in and only need one, then you'll have two holes to fix.

As far as flow rates on the nozzles, you'll have to conatct NOS for that. And remember that propane runs at a much lower pressure 150PSI unlike NOS which runs at 1000 PSI. Your treading on water thats kinda uncharted. Keep the boost down, timing conservative and take it from there.

Please post your results
Thanks for the advise. I have two holes drilled already for the alky kit that I had. I think I will try the two NOZ nozzels with no jets to start off. After thinking about it it will probably be too much but thats better than too little. I can then start adding smaller jets. I will let you know how it goes.

Without jets you're going to flow way more propane than you need. If you're using 2 nozzles, then I'd recommend starting with 2 50 jets and see how you do. These may be a little much, but it's going to be way closer to where you'll prolly end up in the end.

The solenoid in the system is capable of huge flow rates. It's purposely OVERSIZED because the design is to have a jet after the solenoid.
My concern is the jets that come with the propane kit are larger than the actual nitrous nozzel itself. So I came up with the conclusion that two without jets would be a little more than the single propane jet. The biggest jet says 99 on it so I guess two 50 jets would be about right. It just clicked. Thank you. Takes me a bit but I see where you are going with this.
OK, with the kit installed and me being a bonehead, I tried it without a jet installed. All I can say is that it nearly bounced my face off the steering wheel when it activated. It bogged so bad that I thought the engine was no longer under the hood.

I currently have the 72?(smallest in kit) jet in mine and it is just fine with pressure set at 125psi. I just checked my other jets and the sizing marked is in inches. The 76 jet has an oriface .076" in diameter. It would be pretty easy to take a nitrous jet and just run a drill bit through it to get the size you want (1-60 drill index).

Also, remember that a jet twice the size will flow 4 times as much.
You could always take a spare jet and braze the hole closed, effectively blocking it off. Then you could start out with a one jet system and keep it simple at first.
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So what should I use for dual jets? Two 36 jets?

Actually 2 number 50 jets (.050") would flow about the same as 1 #72 (.072") jet.

Also, 2 number 70 jets (.070") flow the same as 1 #99 jet.

Honestly I am not too sure of the actual flows of the jets due to turbulances etc.., the above numbers are actually based on the area of the orifice using simple math (pi*r2) and not actual flow tests, but it should give you a ball park figure.

As far as the NOS nozzles not being large enough, why wouldnt you be able to drill them out larger?
Yes you are right. I went ahead and got two 46 jets and I can drill from there if I need to.

Now the real problem! I have two of the blue NOS nozzles and only one brass fitting. I have no idea where the brass fitting came from. A friend of mine had it on one of his nozzles. I need one more so I can attach the other nozzle to the pipe. It looks like a regular pipe thread on the inside and has thread on the outside. It also has a nut on the outside. The nozzle threads into the brass fitting after it is attached to the pipe. Thats the best I can describe it. I think it is called a pipe reducer bushing. I have checked almost every speed shop and hardware store in town. Any help please.

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That sounds like the adapters used for adapting engine sensors. Might have them look up temp senders and see what adapters are available for different sensors.
For all that care WE FOUND THEM. If any one is in need of these I ordered them from a company call ZEX.


Part numbers are as follows:

NS6506 $4.53
NS6508 $3.03

These are the answer to the up pipe fittings if you use the blue NOS nozzles. You would need two of each for an up pipe.