Proper FP Regulator install?


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Dec 5, 2001
I just installed another FP Regulator. Every time I installed it (7 times) , it leaks fuel. I dabbed a bit of grease on the new o-ring, still no good. Is there a better method?

I have a Ford repair tool (sledge hammer) that I could use, as well.

The fuel is leaking at the inlet port to the regulator, off the fuel rail.

'84 T-type. It leaks fuel faster than yours!
I "over-modified" the FP regulator. It now has 80#'s at an idle (whoops!).

The fix was to replace it with a new one.

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I had one that I could not get to seal. I took it out and examined the seat closely and it had a gouge in it. Maybe that was your problem, but you fixed it the only way, if so. I know of no way to remachine the seat.