proving points



This passed weekend while hanging out with my friends we came upon the the debate on racing. My friend, who drives a pretty clean integra, is relatively new the the race scene in general. I remember him acusing me that I was one of those racers that bring havoc in the streets (back when I drove my alltrac) He also notorious for mouthing off with no bite. kinda like a chihuahua. Well...we were ranting about going downhill in one of Hawai'i's residential hills, St. Louis Hts. saying that he could beat me at a race throught the twisties through the hill. I would get defensive and say...I'd beat him thought the straights...that way I could take my time throught the turns. Besides all that...I had no clue what this hill was idea where to turn and what not. He would have the upper advantage because he drives through there almost every day because, his girlfriend lives at the top of the hill. I would go on that my suspension is stock, except the the gas-a-justs I have in there...but ride height is stock. my friend had Tokico blues and Eibach sportline springs...about 1.5"-2" drop and strut tower bars. I already new I would lose to him with my stock setup. so...eagerly...I wanted to test out the T's stock handling performance up and down the hill. We agreed that we were very different racers...I sugested myself as someone who would want to be well rounded in both the circuit tracks and the ¼mile. he...would rather define himself in a hill. So just to prove points from each persons views...we set out to the hill. The road was kinda slick...I then remembered how low the tread was left on my tires. that got me concerned with racing up the hill...especially when the hill was occupied with houses. Well..I paced him going up the hill...our other friend in the their 4runner. Up we went through the twisties...i pretty much kept up the whole time. I could feel the T's body rolling on every the same time i watched my friend keep pulling away from me exiting each turn...that was okay...i proved my point about catching him at watever straight. We then got up to the peak of the hill..down hill, he said was his specialty...I was handicapped by not knowing what the hill was like. Oh well I thought. I watched him pull off and I had to follow him. Naturally I would lose ground on him. Down the hill we went...I sped up to about 50mph in a 25 zone and soon saw his tail lights up close again. 1st sweeping turn i was still on his might as well be raping his car....soon after the sweeping turn...there was a another left turn that cut a little harder and I could feel the car body start to tweak...i had to let off the gas and watch his car pull off. keep in mind that the majorty of the turns were pretty harsh and the road was wet and my tires were near hash most of the time was babying the turns. I could see my friends 4runner trying to keep up...he didnt know this hill either. by the time we were half way down the hill...I couldnt see my friends integra anymore...I was pretty much back trying to figure out what streets to take. O the time we came out of hill...we parked a parking lot where he was waiting for us. At the same time we saw a patrol car...probably responding to a complaint about car's racing up and down the hill. :D Well we conversed and he kept on adding fuel to the fire. So I accepted my loss...I'll be man about it. Then I proposed another race on my terms...since he already had the upper hand on the hill. I said to race me down the 1/4 mile. If not...I'll race him on Beretania St...stop light to stop light....I'll even let him honk the horns to que us in. He backed off. I mean...I already knew I would lose to him in the hill...he couldnt subject himself to try me upon my terms. I even proposed to race up another hill...a hill I knew more than he did, an notorious hill called Tantalus...another residential hill with more turns and u-turns. I used to take my celica up there blast it through whenever I got bored at home. He didnt want to take that at all too. Just then I proved my point that he couldnt handle conditions other than his. He figured he'd give me a second chance at redeming myself at St. Louis hts. with my celica...I thought about it...i thought..nah...after going up and down the hill a few more times..I'd get that hill down with the T, with some suspension tweaks...which are going to come in soon. Our other friend sided me because they knew what I was going through...they didnt know where to go in the hill on top of that...they were in a 4runner. Oh well...He hasnt come to my terms. He knew he would lose to me in all that I claimed. we even evaluated our cars abilities...I told him..if his car retained the stock suspension...he would lose...he agreed. This guy has no clue. I can have some pride and say that I tried even though I knew I'd lose. :rolleyes: crap...bottom line...I lost:D

Let's see, 85 TR w/ mostly stock suspension, vs Integra w/ mildly hopped up suspension, he knows the streets and you don't...although I wouldn't have expected you to win, I don't see how you should feel too bad about losing. At least you're up for his terms, too bad he's not up for yours - seems like he just can't take the bruise to his ego if he were to lose...:p

But residential streets? FWIWIMHO, that's a little irresponsible, but I'll stop before I get out the soapbox. Glad that everyone went home in one piece.

Did any of you Hawaii guys ever make contact with that 87octane guy?

I dont think he replied to any of our invitations to the tracks. He would probobly know who we are (its hard not to notice that the track having a black plague of TRs in the pit circle.) I doubt he would distinguish any one of us by alias' on