pt 52 turbo precision housing turbine.63


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Nov 17, 2009
Hi Guys I have been reading these posts for a while. this is a greaqt site thanks for keeping it going. I have an 86 GN with a few upgrades suca as: ta49 60lb injectors bgc 23 row ic 340 walbro THDP Nice exhaust with a cutout adjustable fuel reg DIY alky system. I want to upgrade to a pt52 turbo /with a ptc 3200 lu convertor right now I am running a janis built trans with an orange stripe convertor. Will this tubo give Me a bigger gain in the quarter right now My best run was 12.00 2.00 60foot all at 111mph. I need the pros advice on this upgrade turbo compared to My TA 49 thanks in advance for any help