PT-63 precision 4 sale, Tial 38mm wg


Jun 6, 2007
I have a PT63 big shaft precision turbo with a garrett .85 ar turbine housing. The turbo has about 5000k street driven miles, hasnt seen more than 19 psi of boost. I just sent a pt-70 to get rebuilt so im selling it. Absolutely zero shaft play, absolutely no smoke, perfect turbo. Comes without a wastegate as i will be using it on the 70.

$600 obo shipped, i believe this is a $950 dollar turbo new.

dont be shy i will listen to all offers

pics available upon request , ill post some up soon


38mm tial ext wastegate with a 8 psi spring and flanges: $130 shipped
would you like to trade that turbo for 70pt. with maybe 500 miles on it and some change. fresh and ready to go.
I would like to see pictures too.
Is it an E Cover? 3in 2 out