PTC 10" 2800 Stall Lockup Torque Converter, New In Box!


Senior Daydreamer
Have a PTC 10" Stall Lock up COnverter that I ended up not using that I'd like to sell.

It is new and never used, only been out of the box to look at.

Bought from Full Throttle for 575$ + Shipping
Will sell for 525$ + shipping

Let me know, thanks!
well, i had plans for one car, then bought a already built beast with a 3500 stall and a big 4 bolt turbo,
so then just decided to just keep the other car mild with the ta49 and the stocker TC which is good enough for it.

i need this thing gone people, *reasonable* offers? IE: No, I'm not taking 400$ shipped.