QA1 Front Sway Bar and PTE SLIC


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May 25, 2001
Thinking about upgrading my front sway bar, it's currently stock. I have a PTE SLIC on the car. Is anyone running the QA1 bar with that intercooler? Any fitment issues?

I take it you’re looking at the 1 3/8” dia. hollow bar?
The stock bar is 1 1/4”.
1 3/8” - 1 1/4” divided by 2 = 1/16”

The 1 3/8” bar will be 1/16” closer to the intercooler. I would think there would be room. Maybe slide the new bar forward a shade when tightening up the mid section bushings, most mounting clamps are slotted. I would put some washer over the slots for better support.
I’m going with that same bar, it will be a bit of a challenge with any stretched SLIC due to finagling the sway bar in and around the longer shroud/ scoop.
I wouldn’t think trimming the shroud would be necessary either, but shouldn’t be hard if if we have to.
Gotcha, thanks. I have QA1 control arms and coilovers up front, if I can get the sway bar to fit too then it should be a nice package. Guess I'll give it a shot and see what happens.
I used to run the GM F body 34mm hollow sway bar with my Precision SLIC.
Due to its larger diameter , but mostly the curving shape of the bar vs the stock seat bar, I needed to notch my aluminum shroud & make up 2 new aluminum plates to close in the shroud.
The other thing I had to do was install a washer behind the passenger side intercooler support bracket . Needed to do this to kick out the intercooler a tad at the bottom in order for the sway bars articulation to be able to clear the meter cooler shroud. Additionally this made needing to run a longer throttle body to intercooler connecting hose as it pulled it further away. Think I used a 3” long silicone hose.
Was a pain in the arse dealing with it , got so tired of it that I put the stick front sway bar back on the car & returned the stock intercooler shroud side plates back on