Question about convertor rebuild.


Fred 86 GN

Had a local shop rebuild my D5 torque converter today. They said that it was cut in half, cleaned, the bearing was replaced, the lock-up clutch disk was replaced, the fins were brazed in place, then it was re-welded, and balanced. When I picked up the converter, it was painted silver, so I could not tell if it had even been opened up. It was quite warm still, so maybe they did what they said...I don't know how to tell if they did?

Only two items are nagging at me:
1) it looks like the balance weights are the same ones in the same place. It looks like the haves were detent-marked, so maybe they got them back together close enough that the balance was OK?

2) when I stuck my finger in the output spline, it came out with a little fine silver/black dust on it. I wiped one spot of the spline several times with a paper towel and it always came out dirty with a black/gray coloring of the paper towel. With a strong flashlight I can see some black "build-up" at the base of the splines...maybe this is typical? Or is the spline a powder-metal part that will always be "dirty" when rubbed?

I am basically worried that I paid over a Franklin for a shoddy paint job. Hopefully not! Please let me know if my worry is unfounded.

Do you know if this shop is reputable?

Rewelding the converter, hoping it's in the same orientation, is not recommended practice. Could be close...might be off. No telling. You should ask them if they actually rebalanced it.

Did they check the runout? (Makes sure that the pump-drive hub is running true with the converter front.)

It is definitely not acceptable to have grit in the converter! I probably don't have to tell you the consequences of that going through the transmission.:eek:

I'd go back with the converter and get things straightened out.
Thanks for input Greg!

I found the same kind of black/gray build-up inside the direct drum too. Even after spraying it with brake cleaner, it would not all come off. I had to brush it off with a plastic bristle brush. So I could see there still being some of this build-up on the ID of the torque converter splines since I believe that they were only thrown into a part washer (at best) and the stuff won't come off without some "elbow grease" too.