Question about convertors NL/LU and changing a trans -WE4


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Bruce, you have mail.

I think I finally figured out what my goals are with my car and it is to keep it together without having to work on it or spend $$$ all the time:D Who doesn't? I have ruled out putting a cage in the car and will be limiting it to low 12's and so I can enjoy it more than being under it wrenching all the time:( Here is where it gets a little :confused: If I don't get a buyer for the T63E so I can go down on turbo size I will be forced to use it. It is a nice turbo and all but I feel it is overkill for what I want to do. I was thinking more along the lines of a PTE-51. I think my Art Carr 9" NL may have a broken fin or bearing problem as it makes some noise. Also the trans (I think) make a whining noise when in gear. It could be either at this point. I have to yank them both and will probably start with having the AC 9" cut open to see if anything is wrong and if not then I guess move on to the trans (which shifts excellent I might add!) for a freshen. At the point of having the trans done should I go back to a lock-up in the 3k stall range and do away with the NL? What is involved and which type hold up better? I heard you buy some dependability with the NL feature? Any truth? I know the lock-up can be annoying at times and I haven't had to deal with it in a while! Should I stay NL and have my problems fixed or get a new lock-up convertor and switch the trans back? Mileage isn't a concern, dependability is!


I E-mailed you with some questions if you can respond that would be great. Thanks!
You have several issues. I will respond to my email tonight as aohell is so slow this time of night. I really would like to speak with you tho, so if you get the chance, please give a shout to me at work. You all know how to reach me. :)
Good luck and we will chat later.
So is the Non lock better or the locking better. Hey intercooler iam getting ready to put the trans in , i got a 10"AC stall for it so i hope it knocks my teeth out . :D

I'll let yea know how it shifts, and thanks again for helping me out with the trans