question about crushed MAF pipe and performance


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Just a question out of curiosity.
I found that the short black MAF pipe by where it connects to the accordian MAF pipe near the turbo bell is crushed where it clamps and partially caved in and allowing air to enter there.
I am about to put a new metal replacement on, but was wondering what the effects of air coming in at that point and what it does it do to performance, scanmaster readings, etc.
You can cut a thin slice of 3" pipe and put on the inside of the plastic pipe to prevent it from caving in ... but Grumpy's MAF pipe is the way to go :)
I design HVAC home systems with Flex Duct, and I have to tell Home builders every time that their Plumbers or electricians crush one of the ducts, the CFM output has been comprimised.

So, to answer your question, yes crushed MAF pipe is bad. LOL