question about fuel injectors........


Feb 1, 2002
hey all i just had a quick question.

well i have an 85 national, and i just bought new 36# pound injectors from poston.

i was wondering if you all could tell me, if u need a diff chip or ecm to run these, or can you use your stock setup?

maybe if u all could give me some advice or tips on those, either by experience or with results with different chips or setups.

i'd appreciate any comments or emails
thanx alot appreciate it
You need a chip burned for 36lb injectors. No other ecm mods needed. I'd post in the parts wanted. There are a million chips out there.
If you have 36lb injectors you will need a new chip. Are they bluetops or 868's? If the tops are blue you got very good injectors and can probably just use a Thrasher chip ($25). If they are 868's you may have to get a special chip, check with the chip manufacturers.

Ken TTA#1426