Question about fuel rail


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Dec 1, 2005
I was just curious of how the fuel rail actually connects to the fuel injectors? I know a lot of people know the answer to this question so please just leave some feedback. Thanks.
feedback? How about just an answer :biggrin:

It just presses onto the top of the injectors - the O-rings on the injectors squeeze into the bung in the intake on one end and the cup on the fuel rail on the other end. The rail then gets bolted down to the intake manifold but it fits so tight on the O-rings that it feels like it does not even need to be bolted down.
Lube the o-rings up so the injects "pop" into the fuel rail and the mainfold a little easier.
The fuel injectors actually slide into the fuel rail from under the fuel rail. They are sandwiched between the fuel rail and intake. Each end of the fuel rail contains and O ring for sealing. Fuel from the the rail enters the top of the injector under pressure. When the injector opens the fuel is squeezed into the intake. Hope this helps.