question about g/f's brakes


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Oct 14, 2003
my girlfriends car is having some brake problems, somehow the fluid is leaking out. Her brakes were changed last week because the light that indicates to service your brakes was coming on at the same time her brakes would not work right, now all the fluid is slowly draining out but its not leaving any signs of it when she leaves there is no puddles or signs of leaks, if anyone has any suggestions as to what might be the problems it would be much appreciated, thanks
Look in behind the rear wheels for wetness coming out of the drums or on the wheels. Could be a rear wheel cylinder leaking.
Tarey D.
How about the MC ;leaking and running
down into the carpet inside the car.
It happened to me.
What kind of car? I work at an import auto shop in Arlington, maybe I can help.
I'm guessing that it has a vacuum booster, and it's ABS system uses fluid from the master cyl. reservoir. So I would check to see if the master cyl. is leaking into the booster, or the ABS modulator is seeping. A flashlight and small mirror could help, or you may have to loosen the master cylinder and check for wetness behind it. If the fluid level is dropping, then it's leaking somewhere. 6 To Go is right about checking your carpet, below the brake booster. If it's filling with fluid, then it will eventually leak out.
cool man, we will check it out and try to let everyone know, once again thanks for the help.

CYLINDERS!!! thats what happened to mine. Like 87GN said look on the insides of the rear wheels and if theyre wet, then its the cylinders.
I would check the back of the wheels but also pull the rear wheels off and the drums, see if anything looks "strange" in there. It may leak but not enough to "leak" to the outside of the wheel! Know what I mean?