Question about oil leak


Oct 22, 2012
Hi, I was told that it is normal for 86/87 Grand Nationals to have a little oil leak around 60k miles. Is slight oil spotting something I should be concerned about? I was also told by another source that seals should be done soon after 80k miles. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I haven't had a car that didn't leak, obviously the amount is important so keep an eye on the oil level and replace seals that are bad. I have a oil line leaking right now and the O-ring needs to be replaced, it'll be fixed this winter.
Mine leaks so bad I keep cardboard on the floor. I would say you are ahead of the curve. You might start with something simple like good cork valvecover gaskets. I cured one leak by doing that but I am sure that I need to do my pan now.
They will always leak oil...if it's only a few drops then live with it...nature of the beast
We can go yo the moon, drive around there, pick stuff up analyze it and send back results and pictures.
But, fix a little oil leak in a GN................ Oh NO, way tooooo difficult!!!
My GN has 126K miles on her and never leaked oil. Except for the rear main seal but I don't count that. Oh, and near the oil filter from the oil cooler adapter. But that only leaked 3, maybe 6 times in 25 years. Should I count the turbo oil drain line gasket? Only had to replace it twice. Oh, and the oil pan gasket had to be replaced once because it was leaking. No sir, no oil leaks on my GN. ;)
Grand Nationals are just like any other car - if it's leaking oil - there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
It will get worse until you fix it.
My '87 Grand National leaks oil so bad that I get a thank you card from Saudi Arabia every year: "Thank you, Bruce, for making us so wealthy and using so much of our oil in your GN. Parease never sell it!"

Bruce '87 Grand National
Grand Nationals are just like any other car - if it's leaking oil - there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
It will get worse until you fix it.[/quote

There is definitely an issue, it was the design of the engine core components and sealing systems. But its like national debt, we have an issues and some people might try to fix it but its too late... I just live with my cars leaks, it's part of making more than double the power of its design intent..

I rebuilt my junk a couple of years ago and it doesn't leak at all. I have an "upgraded" short block I was going to install this week. After reading all the posts about leaks, I think I am just going to wait until the old one blows up before I swap.

Does a line bore or hone make it more prone to leaking? I thought I read somewhere that line boring causes misalignment with the front cover and the crank center line. Possibly why they sell shorter timing chains?
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