question about running a 245/50/16 tire?


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Mar 27, 2002
I have some Riken wheels that are 9.5 and right now have 255/50/16 on them. I was thinking of running that size in the rear and running a 245/50/16 on the front just not sure if that tire is to small for a 9.5 wheel? So wanted to see if anyone else has run this tire on a rim this wide or will this not safe to do? Anyone please need help before buying a wrong tire size.
Hey. Im in the same boat in that I ran 255-50-16s on the rear. Michelin Pilots. I cannot even find that size made by any company in a 16 anymore. Ive laid off this car for years and cant remember my wheel sizes. Will measure soon. Can you please advise as to what worked for you? Thanks