question about turbo inlet bell

I don't think they really offer much gains except they look better than the stock bell. You have to remember, that's on the inlet side of the turbo.
FYI...I have one that's in very nice shape if you don't get that one on eBay.
Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
I don't think that alone will make a 13sec car a 12sec car, but it is a simple, cheap upgrade that done with other mods to help your car breathe better... surely won't hurt.

The seller of that ebay auction btw is the Jay Jackson.. the "62mm" TB guy! Awesome vendor!


oh cool i didnt know that, im on a quest for high 12's so you think it would help even if its a little?
He is just saying it wont be a huge gain because the turbo sucks the air in, it has a very good flow already. With a better flow, sure you will get faster, but just not much, remember there is always a bottleneck.
You would have to hog the heck out stock turbo compressor housing to mate to a billet bell. It would be pretty hard to get the transition right and pretty easy to screw up the housing.

Even the stock bell is bigger than the stock compressor housing opening.

If you want to run twelves, don't waste you time buying a lot of parts like this that aren't needed. Just save the money for some race gas.
Let's clear up one point. Pressure loss on the inlet of a compressor, especially one operating near ambient pressure, has a much larger negative effect on performance than does the equivalent pressure loss on the discharge of that compressor.

If you need proof, and you're not inclined to look at compressor curves, take the examples of:

Larger and/or gutted MAFs
Larger and/or shorter and/or straighter air filter to MAF ducts
Larger and/or shorter and/or straighter MAF to compressor ducts
Open air filters