question for audiowizard



I've got a set of Boston Acoustic 6.4.3's I plan on running in my car. I always assumed I'd mount the mids and tweets in the kick panels and the sixes would go in the doors. Today I got a look at your very nice door pods and I've got a few questions for you. 1) In your opinion, which setup will have more fidelity? (I'm deaf in one ear, so imaging is just for anyone else who happens to be in the car, a priority, but not at the top of the list.) 2) Do you make a door pod just for a 6" alone? 3) Will these pods work with manual window cars? 4) Do you have any photos available of your kick pods?

1) You can mount your mids parallel to each other and angle your tweeter where its axis is aimed toward your head. If done correctly, you can have vocals in your music intersect just below the rear view mirror. The aiming of your higher frequency drivers in my opinion is the most critical if your a staging and imaging nut like I am :D .

2) I can custom build you what ever you like in your kick panels or door pods, fiberglass and vinyl is my specialty. If you want just a 6" in your door alone, I can build it the way you want and even angle it if you want.

3) Yes the pods will work with manual windows, I dont recomend cutting into door if you dont need to.

4) I custom built a set of kick panel pods a few years back but did not get any pics of it which I really regret. Once I get caught up at home, I am going to build a set for my GN and my Corvette and will definetly get pics this time.

Shoot me an e-mail when you get time and I can figure out prices for what you want and I am way cheaper than most shops. I dont have any overhead :cool: .