Question for you trans guys-TV cable


Fade 2 Black
May 20, 2003
I dropped my trans tonight to send it in for a rebuild. It was seemingly slipping or delaying the upshift from 1-2. Normal driving, my trans shifts just like it always has, but under WOT it doesn't want to take 2nd untill I let off a bit. So I figured it was just tired and ready for a rebuild. Hard to tell if it was a matter of it not upshifting, or just plain slipping.

Anyway, whe I removed the TV housing, and lifted it out of the trans case, the cable was disconnected. Could have happened when I pulled the housing, but I just don't know. Not a real big deal, because with the power I'm laying down now, and the fact that the trans had 97k on it, I expected to have to do a rebuild soon anyway, but what do you guys think? Are these cables know to become detatched on their own, and would it cause the type of problems I am describing?
That end will not fall off the cable fitting by itself. As soon as the end of the TV cable housing is loose from the trans case and pulled up the rod will fall off the cable end and back into the trans.