Question on Vac. Resivour/Heater "thing"


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May 24, 2001
When I got my car that Black Cly. looking part was broken off at the 2 tabs.

It attaches to the heater box, and is over near the passenger relays and fuses. It has 2 vac lines going to it: one vac line going to it from the turbo, and then the other ones goes to behind the dash...I installed it with the round part facing up, and it looks somewhat out of place, and when I close the hood it makes a little bit of contact with one of the hood support bolts....I was just wondering if this was the correct placement of it.

Thanks for your help!
Funny you mentioned that reservoir Herb. I just noticed one on anothere guys '84 today.
It sure stood out to me because I dont have one!
Anyone know what it is for? I just have rubber lines connected to the plastic lines that go down the back of the wheel well, looks like mine just bypasses that reservoir thing.
I think that it has something to do with opening of the vents...I know its something that has to do with Climate Control....

How was it on the car that you looked at?

From What Brian Weaver Told me...Most of them usually break off at the tabs because people lean on its usually hard to find a car that still has it in its "stock" position.
That is the vacuum reservior. Same thing on the 86/87 is under the driver side headlight, but is a different design (round).