Aug 23, 2008
I'm doing my rear brakes this spring, Got the aluminum drums/ The 3 stainless steel brake lines. I would like to replace both brake cylinders. I heard theirs ones from an S-10(that fit)thats a good upgrade compared to the originals. I like to order them but what year from S-10 or part # for the buick.

Searched found this.
what year?, gbodys sells the everything with the brake shoes & stainless steel hose?looking for year/GM #?
Your not answering my question, I'm not measuring 7/8s, they hook up the same. Replacement for a 87 regal
Be're messing with the brake bias and in a panic stop the rears can lock and swing the ass end around. If you really wanna mess with it you can buy two sets of rear brake pads and use all the long shoes and toss the short shoes.