Questions about Deep Pan and 700r Filter mod ???

Tim Cucci

May 24, 2001
I just installed an ATR Deep Pan which I am just about sure is the same as an Art Carr pan. I also installed the 700r4 filter. I followed instructions on the DRW Website. I am baffled because I did not have to cut or mill down the stand offs in the bottom of the pan. Also what do you do about the magnet in the stock pan, I left it out of the deep pan because of the mag drain plug which I realize is not near the same magnet. How important is this? I am an oil change junkie anyway. Has anyone used the pan and filter setup without cutting the stands in the bottom of the pan?
Art Carr Pan

The Art Carr pan I just used on mine fit fine with the 700 filter with no mods to the stands, but I have no idea if it may have been previously modified. There was a 200 filter in the AC tranny this was borrowed from, but I'm thinking the previous owners bought the 200 filter when changing fluid not knowing... That may be how they burnt the clutches in it before selling it. :rolleyes:

This probably doesn't help much does it...oh well, it's my .02 :D
Had to grind the posts down on my deep pan to get this to work. Pretty sure I had them down just about all the way. Been a few years since I did it.

I DID use the factory magnet as well as the magnetic drain plug. I just used JB weld. Put some down on the bottom of the pan and sunk the magnet into it. Has held up for a few years now. Just make sure the pan surface is absolutely clean of trans fluid. Wipe it down with some lacquer thinner.